Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Watergate Myth

No, not the scandal itself. Who was responsible for uncovering it. Via Mark Levin at The Corner, read here. An excellent exposition illustrating the journalistic self-promotion regarding the Watergate scandal (culminating in a Hollywood movie: "All the President's Men) and identifying the true 'heroes' in uncovering the conspiracy that brought down Nixon. Not to mention that the guy was dead on in terms of the source of Deep Throat in 1974 (not the name itself...but where he was in the government and what his motivation was)! But what is most interesting is to examine this model in terms of today's media. This sort of thing is *still* going on today, as can be seen dirctly in the Abu Ghirabi story. There again we had a government investigation that had developed the evidence and was prosecuting the offenders when, months after this had been done, the media hops on the bandwagon (specifically Rather & Mapes at CBS) and declares themselves the whistelblowers.


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