Saturday, October 22, 2005

Scratching the Itch

Well, that lasted long. Do they have recovery groups for compuslive bloggers?


Blogger The Bitch said...

HA! There's an Internet Addiction Society or something like that. Used to refer to them when my clients users would spend so much time surfing, etc. at work it became a problem.

I'm really glad I finally dug into the guts of them. All this time, I sending of my content to other people's lists and they're making the money of it. So...

Plus, it's a handy tool for jotting down your thoughts. Etc.

All this time, I've been designing them for other people and never realized how useful they could be.

I still think they aren't so great for Civil Society -- in terms of generating the dialogue we need, but oh well, maybe the technology will improve a bit.

Anyway, just stopping by to say and ask how things are going post-exams.



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