Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Well folks, here are the exact numbers on my predictions. If Thune looses the comming recount, then I will have missed picking the Senate perfectly by 535 votes (perhaps someone should be paying me to do this ;).

Pending the SD result (530 margin for Johnson, but it will almost
certainly go to a recount, here's how I did). (especially for KAT,
Jonathan, and Steve R.)

SENATE: 14 / 14 100.0% (changes with Thune loss/victory)
GOVERNORS: 7 / 8 87.5% (didn't go with Rommeny cause of the state...wish
I had)

> House: +4 Republican (R:227 D:208)
> Governorships: +4 Democrats (R:25 D:25)
> Senate: +3 Republicans (R:52 D:47 I:1)

The above predictions are exactly right (pending Thune loss/victory).

D.GOOCH (Today's Speical: Spiced Crow )


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