Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Great American Hero Cleared

I first heard about the plight of Lt. Pantano, whose enlistment story echoes that of the late Pat Tillman's in terms of self-sacrifice and supreme patriotism for one's country, when Dateline NBC aired a segment a few months ago. Pantano was accused of 'murder' of two Iraqis he shot during combat when the two refused to obey his orders to stop. It seemed obvious to me from the story that there wasn't enough evidence to support crimminal charges, let alone two counts of premeditated murder. Miscarriages of justice have happened before, though, and especially where politics is involved. The primary accuser was a disgruntled demotee with a very shaky story, but you never know with these sorts of things. Anyway, Michell Malkin reports today that the Marine Corps has dropped the charges. I look forward to the day when this great American is once again defending us from our enemies. D.GOOCH


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