Friday, December 20, 2002


I'm not going to get in to the substance of the Lott issue right now, but I do want to make a point here. This is *nonsense*:

"The remarks drew immediate criticism from black leaders and Democrats. They were quickly joined by conservatives worried that the comments would create a distracting firestorm that would harm the White House's and GOP's efforts to advance their legislative agenda. "

First, it was conservatives who jumped out in front on this issue. In fact, Democrats like Tom Daschle were slow to come around. National Review Online jumped on this almost immediately and its columnists spoke with a near unanimous voice. Charles Krauthhammer and other conservative columnists were quick to it too. Not only does the above misconstrue what happened (making conservatives look like Johnnie-come-latelys), but it also smears conservative with purely political motives. That they didn't *really* have a problem with Lott's comments...the only problem they had with it was what trouble it would cause him. Typical of the 'unbiased' and 'objective' media. D.GOOCH