Thursday, May 25, 2006


That's the best description I've come up with for my reaction to Denny Hastert's odd, perplexing, a-Constitutional, politically moronic defense of William Jefferson using his Congressional Office like it is a non-extradition country. Hastert invokes the Speech & Debate clause...failing to note the specific exception in the Constitution for felonies (gee, Denny, it does help to actually read it before you cite it) and, I don't know, also the fact that, strangely enough, the contents of a congressional office have little to do with a speech or a debate. Unless, I suppose, Jefferson gave a speech on his own corruption and that's what they're looking for. The FBI got a warrant. And, to boot, Jefferson seems to be just about as guilty as sin. Here we have the perfect opportunity for the GOP to make mince meat of the 'culture of corruption' meme...and what do they do? LOL. They aren't called "The Stupid Party" for nothing. Or if you like, as Mr. Podhertz has noted, Hastert is likely just a blithering idiot.