Friday, May 03, 2002

FYI, A recent publication of a symposium on gay rights issues was sceduled to be published in the Stanford Law and Policy Reivew (symposiums in academia tend to highlight important arguments in a discipline by soliciting views from both sides of the debate), but at the last minute rejected all the
articles that were critical of gay rights and chose to publish all the articles that were pro-gay rights. This quite evident blow to the liberal ideal of the academy is explored here:

(scroll down and click on "Gay Orthodoxy and Academic Heresy," by Ty

The articles that were originally intended to be published in the SLPR are
being published in a special edition of the Regent Law Review. D.GOOCH

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Recently the Canadians have been all in a tither over certain silly Americans who burned the Canadian national flag at a hockey game. Not to justify this low-brow humor, but I'd be a bit more sympathetic if Canadian hockey fans had not been regularly booing the Star-Spangled banner at games (pre- 9/11). (as an aside, isn't it sad that no-one uses 'spangled' anymore?)

If homophobia is evidence of latent homosexuality, is an arachniphobic
rejecting his inner spider?

Sooo...Enron, not such a big thing after all.

There is no better distinction between the ideologue and the partisan than
their position on a recovering economy in an election year.

10 bucks says that 'regression to the mean' is a concept that will be
completely foreign to the coverage of Bush's inevitable poll leakage.

There's no better sign that Winter is at an end than the onset of Spring

If Webster can give a nod to irregardless, what line of locution is left
to draw?

The Tyson boxing license fiasco has served one public good: bringing to
the attention of the masses a fact I've long suspected: Washington, D.C.
is more decadent than Las Vegas.

Speaking of Las Vegas, with all the stuff to do there, who's got time for

I knew Tom Daschle was running for president when he quit wearing his
spectacles. A sure sign of a presidential hopeful. For Senators, they
are dignified and indicative of wisdom. For Presidential candidates, they
are stodgy and indicative of weakness and age. Go figure.

If Judge Pickering can't even be an appellate judge cause he might rule as
a 'right-winger'...does that mean we can impeach all the appellate judges
who have ruled as left-wingers?

As for appellate judge nominations, what happened to all those Democrat
friends of mine who were screaming about the Republican Senate and how it
was 'delaying' Clinton appointees?

If the death penalty, putting a criminal to death, doesn't deter someone
from comitting murder...exactly why is a gun law supposed to stop them
from buying a gun...with which to do the murder?

Does Israel need stricter dynomite-strapped-to-the-body control laws?

I can't decide which is more fatuous: 'differently-abled' or


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