Friday, July 11, 2003


It's been awhile folks, but I'm back (just in time for Terminator 3 ;) )!

*If the death penalty, putting a criminal to death, doesn't deter someone from comitting murder...exactly why is a gun law supposed to stop them from buying a gun...with which to do the murder?

* Does Israel need stricter dynomite-strapped-to-the- body control laws?

* Politics is the only game where you can loose by playing it.

* The suggestion that Bush's reason for going into Iraq is false and dishonest because it may be the case that the WMD's Saddam had have either been destroyed (prior to the engagement) or hidden in other countries is equivalent to accusing a Police officer of false arrest because the drug dealer he apprehended flushed the crack down the toliet just before he was caught.

*I've always liked this one: There are 10 kinds of people in this world: Those who know binary and those who don't.

*If George Bush is a mindless puppet, led by the nose of his unseen masters, exactly what is Abbas?

*So let me get this straight: George Bush is a liar and a cad for fooling the nation and starting an unjustifed war when one source for a particular point (among thousands) regarding Iraq turns up forged, but nothing is
wrong with Bill Clinton perpetrating an act of war based entirely on false information that a Sudanese asprin factory was really a bioweapons lab. Right?

*There's something wrong when the latest Star Trek movie is released to DVD and I couldn't care less.

*Should Dennis Miller now be included among that rarest of all endangered species: the Hollywood conservative? Hmmm...difficult to say, but I always have liked him...

*Shouldn't the latest "Liberal Answer to Limbaugh" that Gore et al. are trying to come up with have a version number (say, 146.29)? It is so difficult to keep track of them all...

*Matrix Reloaded: Proof why the Iron Law of Sequels is an Iron Law.

*X-Men 2: Proof why Iron Laws can be broken.

*If Bush only wins 49 out of 50 states in 2004, will they call it a political 'quagmire'?

*There are few tasks of the modern age that can be set beside the trials of Hercules in his quest for godhood, but cleaning the stench from a refrigerator that lost power during vacation may be one of them.

*The reports of the death of Kathrine Harris have been greatly exaggerated. As were the invented allegations of abuse and partisanship she endured in 2000.

*The notion that Batman could defeat Superman in a one-on-one battle is ridiculous. I don't care how damn smart he is.

*Harry Potter is this generation's 'Chronicles of Narnia'.

*The Estrada filibuster is going to bite the Dems in the rear for years.

And finally,

*Delenda Est Liberalism