Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Was Plame 'outed'?

Much is being made on the Left side of the blogosphere that Karl Rove 'outed' Val Plame to Matt Cooper of Time. What Rove told Cooper was that Joe Wilson's wife was the one who got him the Niger gig and that she worked for the CIA. The political problem revolves around whether Plame was a 'covert' agent. I won't get into all the details here, as they have been addressed by others quite well. But what I found interested was the fact that Plame wasn't serving as a covert agent at the time. She was an analyst specialing on WMD's. Go here at www.cia.gov and you can see testimonials from the same kind of analysts with their first names and how long they've been with the agency right there. What duty does Rove have to protect the identify of a CIA analyst when CIA itself isn't making much of an effort to protect their analysts identities? Note, you get more specific information about the CIA analysts from the website than what Rove gave to Cooper on Plame. Hmmmmmmm.